greybeard sublime text theme

a fork of brogrammer a dark, flat, sexy theme for sublime text

greybeard sublime text theme

# greybeard

![greybeard sublime screenshot](
![greybeard sublime screenshot](

greybeard is a fork of [brogrammer]( a dark, flat, sexy theme. greybeard changes the main theme color from red to blue grey. reveals the scrollbars. features [gohuFont]( throughout the ui. and is designed for the monokai theme, what enticed ~~most~~ all of us to use sublime text in the first place.

## install

### automated

use [sublime package control](

- select `Install Package` from the command palette (`Ctrl+Shift+P` on windows/linux or `⇧⌘P` on osx)
- search for `greybeard theme` and click enter.

### manual

1. [download the .zip](
2. unzip to `greybeard theme` **not greybeard-sublime!** folder in the `Packages` directory, which you can find using the menu item `Preferences -> Browse Packages...` in sublime text.

## setup

activate the ui theme, set the monokai color scheme (or search for [monokai extended]( in package control), and download and install the [gohu font]( and modifying your user preferences file, which you can find using the menu item `Preferences -> Settings - User` in sublime text.

### user settings example
 "theme": "greybeard.sublime-theme", 
 "color_scheme": "Packages/Color Scheme - Default/Monokai.tmTheme",
 "font_face": "gohuFont",
 "font_size": 11

## devtools

greybeard also available for as a matching [google chrome developer tools theme](

![greybeard devtools and sublime screenshot](

## credits

xero harrison

ken wheeler


raw zip tar