glitch art themed randomized lockscreen

 ┏━┓┳  o┏┓┓┏━┓┳ ┳┳  ┏━┓┏━┓┳┏ 
 ┃ ┳┃  ┃ ┃ ┃  ┃━┫┃  ┃ ┃┃  ┣┻┓
 ┇━┛┇━┛┇ ┇ ┗━┛┇ ┻┇━┛┛━┛┗━┛┇ ┛


glitchlock: a glitch art themed randomized lockscreen. powered by i3lock-color.

![glitchlock preview](

(note, the lock screen is **NOT** animated. this gif is meant to showcase it's random output)

## table of contents
* [about](#about)
* [how it works](#how-it-works)
* [security](#security)
* [requirements](#requirements)
* [customize](#customize)
* [more](#more)
* [license](#license)

### about

i do [glitch art]( for fun. i was messing around w/ one of my shell scripts and thought: this would make a cool lockscreen! after a bit of research and refactoring here we are.

### how it works

the script takes a screenshot, then datamoshes it. optionally overlays an image (one for each display) then uses that image as the background for the lockscreen.

### security

this lockscreen has the potential for information leakage, since it uses a screenshot of your active screen. i made this for fun and personal use, please take care and weigh your opsec and personal threat model before deciding to use this.

an example workaround would be setting up your screen very nicely w/o any secret info in it and taking a screenshot. then replace [line #9]( in the script (`scrot /tmp/lock.png`) with a command to {move,copy} your pre-setup screenshot into place (e.g. `cp ~/lib/img/lock.png /tmp/lock.png`) then let the script randomly glitch that image out everytime.

### requirements

* i3lock-color
	* the "ricing" fork of the lockscreen application
* scrot
	* the premiere nix screen shot tool
* imagemagick
	* image manipulation toolkit

if you're using [arch]( they can all be installed from the extra, community, and aur repos:

`yay -S i3lock-color-git scrot imagemagick`

\* [yay]( is an aur helper that wraps [pacman](

### customize

if called alone, the script will take a screenshot and glitch it. but you can optionally pass an environment variable named  `GLITCHICON` to the app and it will center that image on each display and overlay it on the glitched image.

an example of calling the script on `MOD4+ESC` using [sxhkd](

# lockscreen
mod4 + Escape
 GLITCHICON=~/src/glitchlock/stop.png ~/bin/glitchlock

### more


## license

![kopimi logo](

[kopimi](! in the spirit of _freedom of information_, i encourage you to fork, modify, change, share, or do whatever you like with this project! `^c^v`


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