figlet fonts

my collection of figlet / toilet fonts


# This controlfile maps the U.S. keyboard to Cyrillic
# in the style of the "moscow" font, but is meant for use
# with a FIGlet Unicode font with Cyrillic codes, such as "banner"
# "moscow" is an upper-case-only font, so for full compatibility
# use the "upper" controlfile as well and avoid "@" and "<".
t / {{&blob}}x044c
t {{&blob}}x5c {{&blob}}x044a
t | {{&blob}}x044b
t ~ {{&blob}}x044d
t < {{&blob}}x042d
t ` {{&blob}}x0443
t @ {{&blob}}x042e
t > {{&blob}}x0439
t A {{&blob}}x0410
t a {{&blob}}x0430
t B {{&blob}}x0411
t b {{&blob}}x0431
t C {{&blob}}x0427
t c {{&blob}}x0447
t D {{&blob}}x0414
t d {{&blob}}x0434
t E {{&blob}}x0415
t e {{&blob}}x0435
t F {{&blob}}x0424
t f {{&blob}}x0444
t G {{&blob}}x0413
t g {{&blob}}x0433
t H {{&blob}}x0425
t h {{&blob}}x0445
t I {{&blob}}x0418
t i {{&blob}}x0438
t J {{&blob}}x0416
t j {{&blob}}x0436
t K {{&blob}}x041a
t k {{&blob}}x043a
t L {{&blob}}x041b
t l {{&blob}}x043b
t M {{&blob}}x041c
t m {{&blob}}x043c
t N {{&blob}}x041d
t n {{&blob}}x043d
t O {{&blob}}x041e
t o {{&blob}}x043e
t P {{&blob}}x041f
t p {{&blob}}x043f
t Q {{&blob}}x0426
t q {{&blob}}x0446
t R {{&blob}}x0420
t r {{&blob}}x0440
t S {{&blob}}x0421
t s {{&blob}}x0441
t T {{&blob}}x0422
t t {{&blob}}x0442
t U {{&blob}}x0423
t u {{&blob}}x0443
t V {{&blob}}x0412
t v {{&blob}}x0432
t W {{&blob}}x0428
t w {{&blob}}x0448
t X {{&blob}}x0429
t x {{&blob}}x0449
t Y {{&blob}}x042f
t y {{&blob}}x044f
t Z {{&blob}}x0417
t z {{&blob}}x0437
t = \-6


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