figlet fonts

my collection of figlet / toilet fonts


# implements a natural mapping from the U.S. keyboard
# to Hebrew characters in the Ivrit font.
# Note that capital letters remain unchanged.

t a {{&blob}}x05d0
t b {{&blob}}x05d1
t g {{&blob}}x05d2
t d {{&blob}}x05d3
t h {{&blob}}x05d4
t v {{&blob}}x05d5
t z {{&blob}}x05d6
t c {{&blob}}x05d7
t t {{&blob}}x05d8
t y {{&blob}}x05d9
t k {{&blob}}x05db
t f {{&blob}}x05da
t l {{&blob}}x05dc
t m {{&blob}}x05de
t o {{&blob}}x05dd
t n {{&blob}}x05e0
t i {{&blob}}x05df
t e {{&blob}}x05e1
t _ {{&blob}}x05e2
t p {{&blob}}x05e4
t u {{&blob}}x05e3
t j {{&blob}}x05e6
t w {{&blob}}x05e5
t q {{&blob}}x05e7
t r {{&blob}}x05e8
t s {{&blob}}x05e9
t x {{&blob}}x05ea
t ~ \-3


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