personal fork of the fast floating wm


-*- text -*-

* Toggable sticky workspace per monitor
* foldable windows, it split the window in half or maximize it by half (hor or ver)

* Extended Window Manager Hints (EWMH)

  - Use the new xcb-ewmh for the EWMH hints.

  I suggest listing least these in _NET_SUPPORTED (* marks


  _NET_NUMBER_OF_DESKTOPS can be set to the constant WORKSPACES.

* configs in a text file, dynamically updated

* Handle new modes on physical outputs. What do we have to do?

* A separate workspace list for every monitor.

* static Makefile problem

* Chords

  Maybe have mouse button chords to do move and resize? Configurable
  if on or off?

  Idea from Christian Neukirchen.

* Code cleaning

  - Use bitfields instead of extra lists for workspaces?


raw zip tar