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![alt text][logo2bwm]
[logo2bwm]: https://raw.github.com/venam/2bwm/master/2bWM.png "2bWM"

A fast floating WM, with the particularity of having 2 borders, written over the XCB library and derived from mcwm written by Michael Cardell.<br>
In 2bWM everything is accessible from the keyboard but a pointing device can be used for move, resize and raise/lower.<br>
The name has recently changed from mcwm-beast to 2bwm<br>

You can check what mcwm already had here: <br>

When talking in size proportion, 2bwm binary is 28KB, when dwm bin is 33KB, dvtm 37KB, and i3 343KB.

raptor $ size /usr/local/bin/2bwm
    text   data    bss    dec    hex   filename
    24851  1904    664  27419   6b1b   /usr/local/bin/2bwm
raptor $ size /usr/bin/i3
    text    data    bss    dec    hex   filename
    284247  10020   5704 299971  493c3  /usr/bin/i3
raptor $ size /usr/local/bin/dwm
    text   data    bss    dec  hex   filename
    28802  1932    528  31262   7a1e  /usr/local/bin/dwm
raptor /usr/local/bin $ size dvtm
    text   data    bss    dec    hex    filename
    30955  2212  33408    66575  1040f  dvtm
raptor /usr/local/bin $ size monsterwm
    text   data    bss    dec    hex    filename
    17778  1428     72    19278  4b4e   monsterwm
% size /usr/local/bin/w9wm
    text   data     bss     dec     hex filename
    35325  3360     952   39637    9ad5 /usr/local/bin/w9wm
% size /usr/local/bin/evilwm
    text   data     bss     dec     hex filename
    39456  2080     600   42136    a498 /usr/local/bin/evilwm
% size /usr/local/bin/openbox
    text   data     bss     dec     hex filename
    316466 3572    2368  322406   4eb66 /usr/local/bin/openbox
% size /usr/local/bin/ctwm
    text   data     bss     dec     hex filename
    336742 12076    23840  372658   5afb2 /usr/local/bin/ctwm
raptor /usr/bin $ size awesome
    text   data     bss     dec     hex filename
    296570 1984    1832  300386   49562 awesome

Notice that all those WM are really small and that size doesn't really matter in the end.
Still, I'll try to mess with it a little to make it smaller.

New features:
- Center, put the window to the center of the screen with mod+g (patched -- now center well with 2 monitors)
- chwfocus, focus a window when changing workspace
- hexcolors, use hex colors, like #004455
- maxoffsets, offset for fullscreen mode if using bar or bars
- menu, a patch to bind mod+p (in my configs mod+w) to dmenu or another application (comes with a nice example for 9menu).
- moveslow, move the windows slower better
- sendtoworkspace, send  a window to another workspace. will unmap from current workspace.
- Unkillable Window
- Fast Resize and keep aspect
- Patched the maxvert
- Patched the numlock issue
- Move the mouse with the keyboard (fast and slow)
- max horizontally with mod+shift+m
- max vertically and half horizontally - mod+shift+topright/mod+shift+topleft
- more color states
- double border can be enabled at compile time instead of the default 1 color border
  You can also draw a little square in the left corner corresponding to the window status
- Restart/Exit patch with mod+ctrl+r mod+ctrl+q
    (or whatever you set for the USERKEY_RAISE and USERKEY_DELETE respectivelly)
- You can now know the current workspace this way: xprop -root _NET_CURRENT_DESKTOP| sed -e 's/_NET_CURRENT_DESKTOP(CARDINAL) = //'
- keep approximately the same position when sending window to next screen
- Magnet borders
- Resize and move with the mouse from anywhere
- Resize border only (can be enabled at compile time)
- Cursor change while moving/resizing
- Efficiency updated
- Events loop way more clean
- Easier configs

![alt text][logo]
[logo]: http://venam.1.ai/screenshot.png  "2bWM"
![alt text][logo3]
[logo3]: http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/098/d/2/_freebsd_and_mcwm_beast__by_ybeastie-d60w2xc.png "Beastie's 2bWM"

`Beastie | Youri Mouton + Venam | Patrick Louis`


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