personal fork of the fast floating wm


-*- text -*-

* Check why sometimes the WM crashes when creating pop-ups or destroying/unmapping certain windows.
	AKA: the pop-up bug -- related to the unmapnotofy foo (might be solved)

* Rewrite the readme file 
	with more statistic, 
	specifying all the features, 
	adding new scrots,
	link to other documentation,
	why should someone care,etc..

* Toggable sticky workspace per monitor

* Extended Window Manager Hints (EWMH)

  - Use the new xcb-ewmh for the EWMH hints.

* configs in a text file, dynamically updated

* center vertically/horizontally (SHIFT+G/CTRL+G)

* Handle new modes on physical outputs. What do we have to do?

* A separate workspace list for every monitor. (CTRL+NUM)
	* get the cursor position (on which monitor)
	* unmap all window that are only on this monitor
	* map window on the workspace NUM that are on this monitor
	* problem with curws and remapping
	* curws could be associated with the focuswin instead

* Check why the input focus doesn't work well with applications such as macopix

* Code cleaning

  - Use bitfields instead of extra lists for workspaces?


raw zip tar