personal fork of the fast floating wm


struct monitor {
	xcb_randr_output_t id;
	char *name;
	int16_t y,x;                    // X and Y.
	uint16_t width,height;          // Width/Height in pixels.
	struct item *item;              // Pointer to our place in output list.
typedef union {
	const char** com;
	const int8_t i;
} Arg;
typedef struct {
	unsigned int mod;
	xcb_keysym_t keysym;
	void (*func)(const Arg *);
	const Arg arg;
} key;
typedef struct {
	unsigned int mask, button;
	void (*func)(const Arg *);
	const Arg arg;
	const bool root_only;
} Button;
struct sizepos {
	int16_t x, y;
	uint16_t width,height;
struct client {                     // Everything we know about a window.
	xcb_drawable_t id;              // ID of this window.
	bool usercoord;                 // X,Y was set by -geom.
	int16_t x, y;                   // X/Y coordinate.
	uint16_t width,height;          // Width,Height in pixels.
	struct sizepos origsize;        // Original size if we're currently maxed.
	uint16_t max_width, max_height,min_width, min_height, width_inc, height_inc,base_width, base_height;
	bool fixed,unkillable,vertmaxed,hormaxed,maxed,verthor,ignore_borders,iconic;
	struct monitor *monitor;        // The physical output this window is on.
	struct item *winitem;           // Pointer to our place in global windows list.
	struct item *wsitem[WORKSPACES];// Pointer to our place in every workspace window list.
struct winconf {                    // Window configuration data.
	int16_t      x, y;
	uint16_t     width,height;
	uint8_t      stackmode;
	xcb_window_t sibling;
struct conf {
	int8_t borderwidth;             // Do we draw borders for non-focused window? If so, how large?
	int8_t outer_border;            // The size of the outer border
	uint32_t focuscol,unfocuscol,fixedcol,unkillcol,empty_col,fixed_unkil_col,outer_border_col;
	bool inverted_colors;
	bool enable_compton;
} conf;


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